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Comments on Judge Andrew P. Napolitano's Book "Constitutional Chaos"

The Pledge




Intellectual Coefficient


Relativistic Considerations

Perspective on Spirit

An Open Mind

More Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

Required by Policy

Authoritarianism and Realism

Is it Creativity, Rebellion, or Lunacy?




Deceitfulness of Ontology

Challenging Charles S. Peirce

Real vs. Ideal

Worth of Rationality

Rationality as Moralism

Authority and Moralism

Does Egoism Pass the Test

Integrated Consciousness, response

Integrated Consciousness, reply

Integrated Consciousness

Moral Games and PA

Hating Other People

Priming the Pump

Morality and Naziism


Carnivorous Religion

Some Introspection on QM vs. Determinism

Quick Thought on Evolution

Purpose or Fantasy?

Ethical Rationalism

Ethical Atheist?

Why I am not a Christian

Seven Reasons

My Personal Philosophy

The Passive Aggressive Dilemma - Overcoming Criticism

The Need to Think

Volition in Absolute Terms

Superstition and Morality

Some Email Dialog about Religion

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