Subject: Re: The not so New World Order
From: David G. McDivitt <dmcdivitt@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 15:54:54 -0500

In my life I have been caught up with numerous things. Religion was of course the biggest. Twenty-five years ago in the Air Force, when not servicing aircraft I would sit and read about the Illuminati and the Catholic conspiracy. Realizing control and events could not be attributed to both, I guess I retained an open mind, then later came word of the Jewish conspiracy and the English conspiracy. My final opinion was there are so many conspiracies, they cancel each other out, and no one group could be said to be in control of everything.

Include UFOs, remote viewing, and mind control, and one can become fully consumed by conspiracy theory. Should I begin to ponder conspiracy again, I find a huge mass of speculation, emotion, and a few facts which would suck me in. How does one spend his time? What should be read? What is to be believed? What groups should be supported? What actions should be participated in? If I had my druthers I would pursue two causes.

Being from the South, my first cause would be to thoroughly trample the myth of Abraham Lincoln. Blacks may have been slaves, but so were textile workers, coal miners, and laboring children. So was the entire South a slave of the North economically. The only change the Civil War brought was to insure domination of the South by the North. There was nothing noble done by Abraham Lincoln at all, though he did opportunistically play on antislavery sentiment. People in the North did not favor a war, so he necessarily raced to subdue Southern insurgency while he was able, and while he still had funding.

My second cause would be to restore dignity to Native Americans, who were lied to repeatedly while negotiating in good faith. They were killed and their lands confiscated on the premise they were savages. The way they were driven to reservations, where many still reside today, is not unlike the way Jews were herded to concentration camps in Germany. Consider the advantage of leaving Indians as they were. Social scientists would not have to go to Africa and South America to observe indigenous people and true natural behavior. They could do it right here!

It is difficult for me to be swayed much by anything today. I have learned to worry about my own life, friends, and those dear to me. Probably if worse came to worst I would get involved, and there are some things I would die for, or kill for. Human beings shall continue killing and being killed. Should I do one or the other I would at least like to derive from satisfaction from it. I find it difficult to be a martyr or patriot simply to serve someone else, though I might if convinced of an ideal I like.

As a human being I am a resource. My participation is worth something. If something is wanted, be willing to convince me and make a sales pitch, for if my pride and my right to choose are not honored, nothing whatsoever will be given, and yes I will cut off my nose to spite my face to show that.

>From: "gerard van der harst" <zxc@cistron.nl>
>Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 15:17:00 +0200
>The flow of commerce between Carthage and Rome
>remained largely uninterrupted during the war of 264
>BC. It shows the supranational nature of business,
>and perhaps of greed. Greed is not good or bad, it's
>value-neutral. In an "economic universe", greed is the
>equivalent of gravity; an accumulating force.
>But we have values, lots of them, and we deem them
>threatened by the valueless juggernaut of globalization.
>Religionists, blue collar workers, conservatives,
>socialists, environmentalists, cultural philosophers and
>many others have found a common enemy, and
>christened it the New World Order. There is nothing
>new about it of course, the 'Old World Order' would
>have been more appropriate.
>The NWO is merely a repository for all flavors of
>weltschmerz, it is the most inflated term in the history
>of language.
>The tragic thing is, the world really needs some kind
>of platform from which the negative effects of
>globalization can be countered, but alas, such a thing
>would immediately be recognized as... yes, part of
>the New World Order.

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