"Some Introspection on QM vs. Determinism", by David G. McDivitt

To: Egoism and Ethics Debate 
Subject: Re: Why God plays dice
From: "David G. McDivitt" 
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:00:10 GMT

Wayne, have you heard any of that New Age garbage lately? It's amazing how the context has drifted toward unseen visitors. I was being opportunistic when I made the parody connecting them with nonlocality.

From what I have seen, quantum people generally do not pursue fixed identities. If religious, they seem to express liberal theology. If not religious, they seem to express agnosticism rather than atheism. Quantum people seem to be less interested in securely tying things down. Determinists are just the opposite. If religious they are fundamental. If nonreligious they are atheist. Of course this is broad brush, but my dialog with others in past seems to represent that.

I have come a long way, personally. Cognitively, I recognize what identity fixations are, and am able to detach from them. This comes from having been given to various constructs in past, and being frustrated from unanswered questions because whatever model I happened upon was limited. For the most part I am driven by curiosity more than I am allegiance to idealism, so that may be my saving grace. However, I still have a difficult time on occasion, interacting with someone who does not seek to tie things down to the same extent I do. I become very pursuant of causal details, and I do it most of the time. Not many other people are like that. It's probably good I realize that. The alternative would be a person quite difficult to get along with.

I see quantum mechanics as an excellent vehicle to spawn questions. As a model however, it does not offer enough definition for me. Few things are ever resolved, and the most a person can ever hope for concerning it are the fabulous questions and imaginations it generates. This is fine. We need such things. It would be a dry world without it. Hopefully quantum people can learn to appreciate determinists the same way, and the need for causation they offer.

>From: "Wayne A. King"
>Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 10:32:08 -0400
>Yeah, right David. Everybody that does even a modicum of investigation soon
>realizes that the classical physics world of Newtonion determinism continues
>to reign supreme with no challengers in sight, as it has done since the days
>of .... well, Newton, come to think of it. Quantum physicists are only
>aberrant figments of UFO-fanatic theist minds.

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