"More Creative Visualization"

To: nominal@topica.com
Subject: Re: creative visualization
From: David McDivitt <dmcdivitt@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:03:19 -0600

What you say Lloyd is a classical view. If an apple sits on the table for instance, something is always there, regardless how the item is described or why it is said to be there. But that is too simplistic.

At any moment of time there are an infinite number of things to be aware of. Why pay attention to the apple? The fact attention is paid to the apple is as much or more significant than the idea an apple is sitting there. We pick various things out of our environment based on our expectations. Hearing is a good example. We are very good at tuning out noises. Maybe one of those disregarded noises in the background is important.

We see many objects, but we do not acknowledge the selectivity involved in that vision. Selectivity infers valuation and evolution of valuations. When we speak of physical reality and objects within the scope of physical reality, which is more important: the objects, or valuations whereby we recognize those objects? The following is an example of logical induction. Assume vague, nonspecific items exist. They have no definition. We have not recognized them so as to give them any definition. What therefore can be said to exist or not exist? What do we use to describe such? Then along comes valuation, and items in our environment become recognizable as valuation evolves. So, what is it which caused items in the environment to appear? Do we believe they existed beforehand? Such would be faith. Discounting faith, it can only be said our own increasing knowledge caused items to appear in our environment. Because definitions and their use are so incredibly arbitrary, the only logical conclusion is to say physical reality evolves as our own intellectualism evolves. Please take this opportunity to appreciate the difference between a reality-based model and a logic-based model.

Objectification is a creative act. It is not discovery.

>From: Lloyd Miller <lloyd@a-albionic.com>
>Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 03:53:34 -0800
>>In my opinion physical reality is not a set of absolutes. It >is the
>current evolutionary state of intellectualism.
>Come-on physical reality is whatever it is...our conception
>or theory of what it is evolves.
>Creative visualization is just putting you subconscious to
>work to come up with new theories...specifically theories
>about what my be possible to bring into existence by
>manipulating reality...sometimes it is useful.

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