"Carnivorous Religion", by David G. McDivitt

From: mcdivitt@iamerica.net (David G. McDivitt)
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 01:29:46 GMT

Please read "Seven Reasons" on my web page for whatever arguments I wish to make concerning the existence of God.

The problem with religious people, especially the zealous ones, is that they are not likely to meet a nonreligious person halfway in a rational debate. Unfortunately, the issue is a black and white one. There is no in between. A nonreligious person will not consider the nonexistence of God, for even the purpose of debate, only. Faith to them is so fragile, they steadfastly resist any insinuation of circular reasoning on their behalf. They harp and harp on the evils of using the "natural mind", quoting verses saying it is "enmity against God". This is a method of self protection, for if such a one does not diligently remain narrow minded, there is a fear of loss of faith.

I do not feel your long messages to me represent a sincere effort to discover the truth. Rather, they are a fleeting effort to save my soul pursuant to your religious persuasion. I assure you, if I made any viable points at all, you would feel your faith threatened, and you would cease dialog. Religious people can be quite carnivorous, being exhilarated by the thought of hopeful glory, whereby they emotionally demean other people, through the diatribe of guilt and sin. I do not appreciate the apparent self suffering and dutiful manner of religious people, to the glory of their church, which sucks the life of men. If this is your goal, please save it instead of my soul.

If you are interested in debating the issue, address the individual points made in "Seven Reasons". It may also help you to see me as a person having pride, who does not seek to grovel in the same guilt, sin, and dust of the earth that you do.


>Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 18:30:52 EDT
>CC: MPOMPEII@aol.com
>Hi, Dave. OK, thanks for the extra info. on how you are defining
>codependency, etc. You gave me alot to think about, as you can be
>scrutinizing / analytical.

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