To: agendas@topica.com
Subject: Re: Possible war on Iraq
From: David McDivitt <david@nonspiritual.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 21:56:49 -0600

There is much to gain by subduing Iraq with little risk. We are so technologically advanced and have such good information, whatever operation will be surgical with limited casualties. Risk to human life is therefore not an issue. Our leadership is well aware of the political cost of killing a bunch of people, and they are intelligent enough to know and plan what will happen in advance. The idea we would go in killing whomever, willy nilly, is a ridiculous assertion.

Making a statement against Islamic fundamentalism lessens ALL religion. It is not a contest between Christianity and Islam, or Judaism and Islam, but a contest between modernism and bigoted religious intransigence.

There has been a historical conflict between English mercantilism and French humanism. Each has been aggressive. They competed against each other when colonizing the rest of the world. The French always managed to avoid any stigma of carnality and violence by encapsulating their political schemes with the arts and fine wine, which concealed a lot, for the French have been quite ruthless and bloody. Communism came from France, and most socialist ideology emanated from France, but the French wisely let other countries take the blame for French political influence.

These two political ideologies of England and France have at long last come at odds again. It is not England which carries its own banner, but the United States, which took what England had and enhanced it to be the Americanism which now dominates the world.

I do not like communism. I do not like socialism. The French can take what they have to offer and shove it right up their own ass.

As an Atheist I am happy because when the United States succeeds in this endeavor, it will not be by the hand of god but by the strength of human will; the desire to inhabit an environment, live well, and live ethically.

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