"Deceitfulness of Ontology"

To: egoism@topica.com
From: "David G. McDivitt" <dmcdivitt@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:15:11 -0800

There are many people who spend each day exploring new horizons, meeting challenges of the unknown, and taking intellectual risks. They produce excellent work. After all this effort they provide and throw themselves into, along comes the ontologist who tries to take credit:
........You are just discovering preexistent knowledge. I am the
........ontologist and I am the one who will oversee this knowledge
........for you. You are immoral and do not deserve to manage your
........own work. I am moral because I study ontology. Therefore I
........will now say what part of your knowledge shall be used, and
........used appropriately.

I do not want the ontologist to manage anything I figure out. The ontologist is nothing but an intellectual leach, and deserves no tribute from me whatsoever, whether money or social prestige.

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